A model wearing a white blouse and holding baby's breath flowers wears an asymmetric sky blue headpiece. It is wire made into lace, and is worn on the model's right hand side. It goes over her eyes and extends above her head in a rounded shape.  The lace is constructed like a wide mesh so you can see through it.

Swirl Headpiece

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A swirling wire lace headpiece in Sky Blue

Silk-covered copper wire.

Handmade lace.

On handmade wire headband with comb. The hairband is covered with black petersham ribbon. If you would prefer the band to be wrapped in a finer ribbon/different colour please contact us.

This headband is designed for comfort over a long period of time, and is made of sturdy millinery wire so it does not spring back into shape if stretched. Because of this, it needs to be put on slightly differently to normal.

Tighten the ends of the band together first, and then slide onto the head without stretching the band open. The teeth of the comb point forward into the hair towards the front of your head - this is really important as it stops the headpiece falling forwards when you bow your head.

We understand that combs will not work for everyone, so please contact us to discuss possible alternatives and we will make every effort to make this headpiece right for you!